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Our priority is to develop reliable and secure devices for OEMs, delivering cost effective solutions that accelerate time to market. With design customisation optimised for the customer's requirement and application, our IoT platforms enable OEMs to focus their resources wisely and develop IoT devices quickly. 

IoT Solutions


TT Electronics' IoT platform creates a fast track for IoT development, offering OEMs an alternative to a fully customised IoT solution. The platform's devices provide a flexible, scalable and cost effective design solution with reduced R&D risk and future-proof technology.



The TT Electronics regional design centres for the development of Industrial IoT solutions are located at the Kista Science City near Stockholm, Sweden and in Shenzhen, China. 

Our design centres are guided by a dedicated team of high calibre design engineers and technical specialists, representing a wealth of expertise in mobile connectivity and telematics, providing world-class design and R&D capabilities.

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