Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS/DMLM)


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) turns a 3D Solid CAD file into a highly accurate and "real," durable part. This 3D printing method uses a variety of plastics, from rigid to flexible, to fabricate working parts with good detail and surface finishes. SLS can be used to fabricate living hinges, high-flex snaps, and even parts for use in high stress, high heat and some chemical environments. Parts created using the SLS method are dimensionally tolerant to within a thousandths of an inch.

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This method is perfect for applications requiring functional testing and for some low-volume production applications. Using SLS, 3Axis Development, Inc., can turn your CAD file designs into production-quality parts and ship them to you in only a few days! Because parts made using SLS do not require tooling, we may even be able to integrate design changes into your order without affecting time or delivery.



  • Form and fit testing
  • Durable and functional material testing
  • Field and environmental testing
  • Display marketing

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