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Our sensors are often solutions to niche market trends, and are integral to many electronics products. Continuous investment in R&D, prototyping and testing keeps TT Electronics ready to meet the demands of the future. We're recognized for meeting strict and complex sensor solutions with application-specific requirements. Our strength is working with our customers to design and manufacture fully integrated and tested devices. 


Custom mechanical sensors may involve slight mechanical modifications to standard products, such as lead cut and pre-form, longer wire leads, wire termination and connector, or photosensors, printed circuit board assemblies and associated electronic components. The major benefit we offer is a complete assembly, tested and ready to plug in. 

Parameters Commonly Requested 

  • Typically no plastic tooling needed 
  • Wire harness and connectors 
  • Terminals cut and pre-formed 
  • Special packaging 
  • Board assembly and associated electronic components


A custom electrical sensor typically requires different electrical specifications than standard. It may be a tighter range of output or a higher output current. It may also require an alternative testing condition, such as a different forward current on the LED, or a different reflective distance or object.

Parameters Commonly Requested 

  • Higher minimum output 
  • Maximum output 
  • Tighter min/max output 

Custom Testing Conditions 

  • Different input/output 
  • Different reflective materials 
  • Interruptive media


Integrated assemblies are completely custom electrical, mechanical and testing devices. These devices are complex and require collaboration with our design team, toolshop engineers and product engineers. Tooling cost and PCB art are typically required, along with a range of other considerations. Many of these sensors require a custom test fixture with complex hardware and software programs.

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